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Moving you from your better self, to your best self 

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“We are the Movement are a National organisation that serves to bridge the gap between opprtunity and people of colour Australia wide. As people of colour are increasingly finding their voice and giving themselves permission to be who and what they want to be, we are coming along with you on this journey, moving you from your better self to your best self.

“The door of the future is opening more sudden, more global, more inescapable, more bewildering than ever encountered by the human species. And this phenomenon will take decisive shape within the lifetime of the men and women already here” 

Economist, Barbara Ward, 1971

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Edem Dokli has a passion for seeing people fulfill their highest potential. As a person of colour (POC), Edem has experienced the challenges that come with accessing oppotunities, but she believes sometimes all we need is that bit of encouragement to get us there. This is why she decided to found an organisation which she would describe as"the friend that cheers you along to helping you realise your potential and attain your wildest dreams". 

Edem holds firmly to the truth that everyone deserves a seat at the table, she has commited her life's purpose to both creating these tables and offering these seats.

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