• Oyelola Oyetunji

Ebony & Ivory — the Quest for Racial Reconciliation

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

There’s no denying that the world we’re currently living in looks like a right mess.

To see the innocent lives that have been lost not just to a virus that is no respecter of persons, but lost to other humans because of skin colour. This is not okay. For so long, racial injustice has been a topic that is swept under the rug for another day. Now, it’s a conversation that cannot be ignored. Although it can be uncomfortable, it’s about time.

How do we make the first move toward resolution and healing? How can we navigate through such a turbulent season in the history of the world? Honestly, I don’t have the answers. What I do know, is what I’ve learned from my personal experience with racial prejudice which I pray sheds some light on the issue.

It’s nurture, not nature

As humans, we aren’t inherently hateful in nature. We were created by God for relationship, therefore love is our natural tendency.

Those who are intolerant of others weren’t born with that preconceived prejudice, they were taught it.

We need to teach the next generation how to demonstrate love. We need to educate our children from a young age, so it stops with them. Whether they look the same or different, people are people.

Be motivated by love

Racial injustice should be addressed, there’s no doubt about that. But it can quickly turn into retaliation and revenge if we’re not conscious of the line between being motivated by hate and motivated by love.

As we stand for what is right, my prayer is that we don’t lose sight of doing it from a position of love.

It starts with you

We each have a responsibility to check own behaviours and biases toward one another, treating the next person with mutual respect.

Ignorance is not bliss. It’s only when we take responsibility for the part we each play in history that we will begin to see change. Listen to the voices of those who face this tension every day of their lives. Hear their stories, seek to empathise and be ready to speak up for those who cannot be heard.

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Oyelola is a freelance writer based in Sydney, Australia. She works closely with entrepreneurs and businesses in financial services, consulting and education, writing quality-rich content to engage their readers and motivate action. When not writing for clients, Oyelola provides insights on writing, wealth and work on her Phrased with Purpose blog and shares her faith journey on her personal blog, He Speaks, I Write.

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