October is...


"Set a goal to refuel your soul."

1st - 31st October 

Mental Health Month this October

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Throughout the month of October, join hundreds of Australian's to "set a goal to refuel your soul". Take one hour out of your day to recharge, refuel and make your Soul-Full. 

The goal is to raise money to improve access to Mental Health care for African & Caribbean Australians. By registering to donate, your donation will go towards the development of an initiative led by We Are The Movement that will improve how mental health care is accessed and provided, you'll also receive an invitation to join the exclusive Soul-Full Community Group.


No amount is too small, every dollar will help achieve our overall goal. A donation of $25 or more will also include a ticket to our end of month Soul-Full event.


The Statistics

1 in 5 Australian's suffer from mental illness. 1 in 10 African/Caribbean Australians will live with undiagnosed and untreated mental illness. Soul-Full seeks to raise funds to develop a mental health resource that will improve how support is accessed and provided.

How it works

1. Set you goal

Set your goal for how you will refuel your soul.

2. Donate

Donate towards the development of mental health resources.

3. Share

Share with a friend, family or loved one to show your support for mental health.


In what has been an unprecedented year, many Australian's are burnt out. 

Soul-Full is a mental health campaign designed to help Aussies re-charge and refuel.

 “Over the course of the COVID-19 outbreak, Lifeline has responded to a record number of calls to the crisis line, surging to almost 90,000 a month, that means Lifeline is receiving a call every 30 seconds.” - John Brogden

(Lifeline National Board Chair).

By registering to donate, your donation will go towards an initiative that will improve access to mental health care. Additionally, you will be invited to join the Soul-Full Community Group and your $25 donation will allow you access to our upcoming Soul-Full Event.